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Freediving Dominica is meant to be a Sustainable Water Sports’ Academy, Promoting Sport, Culture & Ecology and involving the Local Community.

How does it work?

All our instructors are professional volunteering. The students and tourists pay to train with us or to rent some equipment (paddle boards, snorkelling gear,…).

100% of the benefits are ingected in the Water Love project, and used to train the local fishermen community and Dominican wardens from the Marine Reserve (SSMR) and get them equipment to improve their general safety in sea. As well as to educate children to ecology in order to protect the environment and make the local growth of tourism really sustainable.


Pro bono training of fishermen, wardens and junior wardens from the Soufriere Scotts Head Marine Reserve (SSMR) to swimming, lifesaving and first aid.

This will help creating new skilled jobs for the locals within the next few years.

Pro bono workshops and education to ecology of the children in the local school of Soufriere, in partnership with the SSMR.

This will help protecting the amazing “Nature Island” and building a sustainable growth of tourism involving the local community.

More info on the Water Love Foundation website.


You are a gifted person, as a professional or in your private life, whatever it is you are good at. Your talent is needed here.

From marine biologist to teacher, graphic designer, photographer, freediving or lifesaving instructor, carpenter, electrician, organic farmer, webmaster or social media expert,

You really can make a change for everyone here in Scotts Head!

Depending on your skills and your availability you can help from where you are or you can come and join us for a few days, weeks or months. Please send us a message, we’ll be glad discussing it with you.

More info on the Water Love Foundation website.


By joining us and training with Freediving Dominica you support the Water Love foundation.

100% of the benefits are used to provide new skills and equipment to the community. This will help creating new skilled job for the locals within the next few years.

Thank you for that!


You can’t join us now and you wanna help? There are still ways. We are always looking for various equipment in diving, oxygen therapy, sports & water sports (for adults and children), education,…

And of course you can give money and be updated with the project. Please check out the Water Love foundation website here to donate !

Thank you !

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